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New Home Loans
Unlock the Door to Your Dream Home with Our New Home Loan Solutions!
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New Home Construction Loans Perth

Are you building? Let us help you get the construction loan that lets you afford more of what you want.

You might ask yourself what is the difference between a mortgage for a new build and an existing home? – You’d be surprised to learn there are a few differences.

Investing in a New Property

Investing in a new property has many advantages that investors should consider. The depreciation of the building can be easily claimed as a tax deduction, while upkeep costs are typically lower than older properties. Furthermore, tenants are often more inclined to rent newly-built spaces and may even pay higher rent because of it! When evaluating entering into the market through investing in real estate, contemplating a new property is certainly worth considering.

Financing a newly built property 

Constructing a new home can have slightly different funding requirements than purchasing an existing one. To make the process easier, you may want to consider two separate loans – one for your plot of land and another to construct the residence. Alternatively, some lenders offer packages that bundle both types of finance together. It’s always wise to consult with a broker like myself who can provide tailored loan solutions so you’re well-equipped when it comes time to build!

Additionally, speaking with a tax professional is also advised because there may be no rental income coming through during the construction phase – something which could significantly affect cash flow if not managed properly in advance.

Taking this step will help ensure successful investing down the track!

Investing in an established property 

Purchasing an already constructed property can bring numerous advantages – including no guesswork or stress associated with building a new one. Plus, the potential to earn rental income from day one could positively impact your cash flow. While there are lots of different types of properties available, take some time to consider which type is best suited for you and your needs.

Fueled by both investors and owner-occupiers, the new home sales market is surging once again. The appeal of buying off the plan is simple – invest a small deposit (typically 10%) towards the development and pay the remaining balance once construction is complete.

With the assurance that property prices will continue to rise, cities and popular vacation spots are seeing a rapid growth in apartment developments. This presents an opportunity for buyers to reap the rewards of capital growth upon taking possession of their new homes. Get in on the action and secure your financial future with the off-the-plan option.

Perth New Home Construction Loans
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