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Why Call Jon Ashfield
Looking for a Perth Broker that Will Work Hardest to Find You a Better Home Loan Deal?
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Why Call Perth Home Loan Broker Jon Ashfield.

Ashfield Finance was started by Jon Ashfield to deliver a higher level of service in the mortgage broking industry in Perth, Western Australia.. 

Jon operates independently from the major banks but still has access to all their loan products and special deals that they put out monthly. 

Interestingly, you can get a great mortgage deal with at least one of the major banks at any one time because of the incentivised deals they put out when driving for customer acquisition. 

We see some amazing offers that you can use to your advantage and it’s our job to assess whether these products are suited to your situation. 

Often-times we can suggest a few changes that can make better deals accessible to you or increase your borrowing capacity so you can get into the house you want as opposed to the house you though you could afford.

We also do not want to see you overcommit and create unnecessary mortgage stress on you and your relationships.  Having a nice place is awesome but if you are under stress all the time, it’s not going to be worth it. That’s why the banks have lending criteria and we want to help you get the balance right.  

Only by talking through your future plans, income prospects, and current situation can we really get an understanding of best to help you.  

This means I can help you borrow to buy your next home with confidence.

Contact me today if you are wanting to talk finance for buying or building (home and land, land) or buying an investment.  

For a prompt response and a thorough loan application or pre -approval analysis give me a call today.


Jon Ashfield
Director and Lead Mortgage Broker

Mb: 0412 158 506

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