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Mortgage Broker Perth

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Are you house hunting?
STOP! Before you get too deep into it, talk to Perth Mortgage Broker Jon Ashfield for valuable advice.
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All Inspections Include:

Buying a Perth Home?

Have you spoken to Mortgage Broker, Jon Ashfield who you can trust to work hardest to make your dreams come alive?

A simple chat with Perth finance broker Jon Ashfield can ensure you get the absolute most out of your home loan. You’ll get

  • Loan options clearly explained
  • Creative and dedicated search for the best loan deals and products
  • Constant communication and followup throughout the loan search, loan application process and beyond.

Let me help you every step of the way and make sure you have all the information you need to find the perfect finance solution for your dream home. With an overwhelming number of home loan options and constantly evolving offers, it’s easy to feel lost. That’s where we come in.

As your trusted broker, we’ll not only find the right loan that meets your unique needs, but we’ll also take care of the tedious paperwork and submit the application for you. 

Before you take the leap, you could check out our “Different Loan Types” page to get a better understanding of what’s available to you. You may want to see your borrowing power and estimated repayments? Try our online calculators for a quick estimate.  But for the most accurate information, call me as the no calculator can do what an experienced mortgage broker can do. 

Let your home-buying journey starts here.

Contact me today and you’ll get a smooth and stress-free home loan finance experience that you’ll really enjoy.

Maximize your investment

As a Perth mortgage broker, my goal is to ensure that you get:

  • The best loan available with the options most suited to your current and future needs.
  • fast loan approval or pre-approval so that you have the confidence to proceed with a purchase or get that house you put an offer in for, off the market.
  • line of constant communication so you know where your loan application is and if there are any hold-ups and why.

Give us a call now to discuss your borrowing requirements.  I can give simple over-the-phone information and get further details to give you a solid idea of borrowing capacity, rates, loan options and terms. 

Good luck and happy house-hunting

Connect to Perth Mortgage Broker

Jon Ashfield

Pre-Approvals, Borrowing Capacity Help, Loan Applications. We make it easy.

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Our Perth Loan Assistance Process

Getting to know you & meeting

To kickstart your loan application, you’ll need to provide some information about your goals and circumstances.

Let’s meet

We’ll catch up with you to understand what matters to you and what you are looking for in a loan.

Let us do the work

With an understanding of your requirements and objectives, we will review suitable options to find the right loan for you

Presenting your loan options

We’ll present you with a credit proposal with tailored loan solutions and recommendations with your goals and circumstances in mind.

Managing your application

Once you have decided to proceed with an application for a loan, you can leave it to us to lodge and manage your application.

Loan approval

We’re nearly there! We will monitor your application and let you know if your loan is approved.

Settlement day

Congratulations! Settlement is when your loan application process is complete.

Here to help

If your circumstances and goals happen to change, we are here to help with your future loan needs.

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